Illegal immigration from Belarus to Poland continues despite new border security

Source: Polish Border Guard
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

Twenty-nine foreign nationals attempted to illegally enter Poland via the border with Belarus on Wednesday, the Polish Border Guard stated in a report on Twitter. They were primarily citizens of Uzbekistan and Cuba, among others, who tried to cross over the border using ladders.

On Tuesday, 19 foreign nationals, mainly form Nepal and India, tried to cross the border through backwaters of the surrounding rivers.

Meanwhile, the last elements of the 5-meter-high steel barrier are being technically inspected. Beams are placed on the entire planned 186-kilometer section of the border with Belarus and works on the so-called electric barrier are underway. In addition to a system of cameras and detectors, the modifications to the border fence are expected to be finished by mid-September.

At the end of June, restrictions on movement in a zone of 183 towns and villages near the border with Belarus were lifted. However, from July 1 until Sept. 15 in the Podlaskie region, there is a ban against coming within 200 meters of the Polish-Belarusian border is to be enforced at the request of the Polish Border Guard.

The ban is in force in the entire region except for the parts of the border that run across rivers.

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