Two Wagner Group camps located close to Polish border

An instructor, member of the Wagner Group military company, speaks to Belarusian soldiers during training near the village of Cel, about 90 kilometers (55 miles) southeast of Minsk, Belarus in July 2023. (Belarusian Defense Ministry via VoenTV via AP)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Two training camps for the Wagner mercenary group now residing in Belarus have been identified within close proximity of the Polish border.

According to the map published by ISW on social media, one of the Wagner Group’s camps in Belarus is located near Brest, while the second is around Grodno. Both are about 20-30 kilometers from the border with Poland. The Wagner Group is training Belarusian soldiers in these camps.

Analyst George Barros of the Institute for War assesses in material published on YouTube that the Wagner mercenaries deployed in Belarus do not have the “means to be able to mount a serious attack against either Poland or Ukraine.”

In Wagner’s main camp in the village of Tsel near Asipovichy in central Belarus, British intelligence identified around 300 tents and 200 vehicles. According to the report, most of the visible vehicles are trucks and minibusses. The number of armored combat vehicles is small.

“It remains unclear what happened to the heavy equipment used by the Wagner Group in Ukraine; there is a real possibility that it was forced to return it to the Russian army,” read the Ministry of Defence statement.

“The Wagner Group’s ability to secure heavy equipment and support means, such as airplanes, will be key to its future combat effectiveness,” it added.

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