Poland’s top military official warns of Ukraine’s defeat in war

Source: MSNBC/video picture grab.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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A top Polish general, Rajmund Andrzejczak, warned of the consequences of Ukraine losing the war.

During the Economic Forum in Karpacz, the general argued that a Russian victory in Ukraine and Russia’s complete subjugation of Belarus would make it clear to Poland that even defense expenditures at 5 percent of GDP a year and a 300,000-strong army would not be enough.

“Russia is in a state of perpetual war. Its hostile actions are escalating in many areas and are also aimed at Poland. We all must support Ukraine in its pursuit of victory. If we lose Ukraine, we will also lose Belarus. In the event of the loss of both of these countries, the defense spending of regional states will significantly increase, and China will draw conclusions from these observations,” said Gen. Andrzejczak.

Andrzejczak raised concerns about Russia’s recent deployment of nuclear systems in Belarus and the need for NATO to address this challenge. Commenting on Russia’s recurring threats of using nuclear weapons, Gen. Andrzejczak compared them to a gangster’s threats.

“It seems we are dealing with gangsters, crazy bad guys. Everyone went to the park to smoke cigarettes; the gangsters lay their weapons on the table, and we are in Panama shirts saying, ‘Well, I have a weapon, but I left it at home, and my wife doesn’t like that word,'” emphasized the chief of the general staff of the Polish Armed Forces.

In Gen. Andrzejczak’s opinion, NATO should be more proactive and stronger against Russians. He highlighted the importance of NATO’s credibility in the face of potential Russian aggression, especially given Poland’s vulnerable position.

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