Nearly 300 illegal border crossing attempts at Poland-Belarus border over the weekend

Polish border guards reported being assaulted by groups of illegal migrants attempting to reach Polish soil

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
Polish border with Belarus. (Source: X@Straz_Graniczna)

The Polish Border Guard reported nearly 300 attempts to illegally cross the Poland-Belarus border and several incidents of assault on Polish patrols by illegal immigrants over the weekend.

From Friday to Sunday, border officers recorded a total of 278 attempts to illegally cross the Poland-Belarus border, with 72 individuals turning back to Belarus upon sighting Polish patrols.

During these incidents, Polish patrols were attacked by an aggressive group of migrants. “Individuals trying to force their way through the Polish border near the Border Guard post in the village of Mielnik threw stones at officers and soldiers. Fortunately, no injuries were reported,” the border service reported.

Since the beginning of November, officials from the Podlaskie region Border Guard in northeastern Poland have recorded 408 attempts of illegal border crossings.

In total, this year has seen 24,500 attempts to illegally cross from Belarus into Poland.

Poland’s media stresses the ongoing issue of illegal migration, which is supported by Belarusian services. The Belarusian side actively participates in organizing illegal crossings of the Poland-Belarus border by leading and transporting people near it, who then attempt to illegally enter Western European countries.

In 2021, the Belarusian authorities induced a migration crisis after Minsk began selling “tourist visas” to migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, leading to thousands of illegal immigrants attempting to cross into Poland.

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