Russia could be organizing another migration crisis originating in Kaliningrad

Source: Polish Border Guard.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Poland is considering the construction of a barrier on its frontier with the Russian province of Kaliningrad, similar to that installed along the country’s border with Belarus, after media recently reported on an influx of migrants to the Russian enclave.

Secretary General Krzysztof Sobolewski of Poland’s Law and Order ruling party told Polish Radio the country “would need a strengthening of its forces along this part of the border,” and must also “consider building a similar border barrier to the one on the Polish-Belarusian part.”

Reports surfaced that Russia is organizing the transit of new waves of refugees from Asia and Africa. According to reports, the Kaliningrad airport signed contracts with Syrian, Turkish, and Belarusian airlines, which could indicate that special services are importing refugees that will be directed to Europe.

Sobolewski insisted that Poland is ready for this threat. “We have shown that the assault from Belarus did not bring the results expected by Putin and Lukashenko,” said Sobolewski. He added that Poland would need to tighten its security on the Kaliningrad border as well as consider the erection of a new border wall.

“We must do everything so that this hybrid war using illegal immigrants does not succeed,” Sobolewski added, stressing that this was going to be a test of Poland’s defensive capabilities against Lukashenko and Putin.

He also said hat it was still not quiet on the Polish-Belarusian border. “We are receiving signals that larger groups are appearing there again,” he said.

In his opinion, the ongoing hybrid war is a splinter from the Russian aggression against Ukraine. “Everyone who knows the Russian doctrine knows that Ukraine is one of the stages of Russia’s planned expansionism,” he said.

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