Kaczyński: Belarus is waging hybrid warfare but there’s ‘no danger’ of military conflict

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Jarosław Kaczyński said in Polish Radio on Tuesday morning that “Poland was dealing with an unpredictable opponent” on the border with Belarus.

“I’m speaking about Alexander Lukashenko, but I doubt that he will be bold enough to try something more than what has currently happened,” he said, assuring Poles that there would not be an actual armed conflict.

“We are dealing with hybrid warfare being conducted by Lukashenko but a war involving the use of conventional weapons is rather not on the horizon,” Kaczyński stated.

He also pointed out that Poland is currently much stronger than a few years ago and declared, that Poland “will get through this and will persevere.”

In terms of bringing the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border to the international level, Kaczyński explained that it was an issue of appropriate timing.

“Appropriate actions are being taken, although diplomacy in general is conducted in a discreet way. When it comes to taking affairs outside, it concerns choosing the right moment and while this moment may no longer be independent, there is also no reason to hurry,” he said.

Kaczyński emphasized that “internationalization” of the crisis was needed, but it should not be done above Poland’s head. He alluded to current proposals that would exclude Poland and warned that improper actions on the foreign stage could deepen the crisis.

“This must be planned out properly, so that there will be serious chances for internationalization to actually improve something. If this doesn’t work out, then we will be dealing with a deepening of the crisis and even greater insolence from the side of our enemies,” the deputy prime minister explained.

Kaczyński was also asked about what the greatest threats ahead of Poland currently were. He listed the activity of an influential group within Poland that he says did not care for Polish interests.

“Another threat with which we have to deal with is inflation. If this is not contained, then it may greatly harm the economy and Poles,” he said, referring to the second.

The deputy prime minister said he believed that the third threat was the coronavirus pandemic, as there was no guarantee that there would not be a fifth wave.

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