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Lithuanian border guards allowed to use violence when returning migrants to Belarus

Lithuanian border guards began returning migrants to Belarus on Tuesday night by order of the minister of the interior. They were supported by the military police and dog handlers. Border guards, who are allowed to use violence if necessary, returned several groups of refugees from the border during the night. Vilnius accuses the authoritarian Belarusian […]
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This is the end of Lukashenko’s reign, says Polish political science professor

Professor Przemysław Żurawski Vel Grajewski is convinced that Belarus’s leader has become untenable for Russia due to his unpopularity among Belarusians

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The West won’t save Belarus

On Belarus, the West has to choose between sacrificing its interests or values, but since it is not prepared to do either it will not do anything, argues Jędrzej Bielecki in Polish dally Rzeczpospolita.

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