Lukashenko’s secret presidential inauguration must force the West’s hand

If Europe does not act now, it might end up having to acknowledge Lukashenko’s presidency, writes the head of the foreign desk of Rzeczpospolita daily Jerzy Haszczyński

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jerzy Haszczyński

It seemed that we had gotten used to Aleksandr Lukashenko’s eccentric behaviors and comments over the last 25 years. Yet, the secret inauguration where he assumed the presidency was a surprise.

As with everything that he had done in the past, the goal is the same: to maintain power and not care for anything else, especially the will of Belarusians.

Putting a crown on his head in secret, a crown which is undeserved, is the logical next step following election rigging and repressions against protestors.

The dictator went for a move completely in opposition to the image of a powerful person — an image he would like to present among Belarusians.

After all, only cowards and tricksters work in secret.

Lukashenko no longer cares about his carefully cultivated image because he is the only one who knows the real result of the election. He knows that society does not care about his image and only about moving him away from power.


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