Solidarity veteran: Protests in Belarus will snowball

Could this be the end for Lukashenko? Protests will continue but there are also risks ahead if Belarus is pushed into the arms of Moscow

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Adam Stankiewicz

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko will fight and will repress protests, but he will not be able to stop the movement and it will snowball, Polish Solidarity trade union veteran Adam Borowski said.

Borowski is convinced that 20 years of Lukashenko’s rule have exhausted the patience of Belarusians who travel, know what Europe is like and want democracy at home. 

“People are rebelling against the dictator and are no longer afraid of the police. The young are prepared to fight. They cannot win just yet but it looks like a rebirth of Belarus,” he argued.

It was noticeable that people at opposition rallies carried traditional Belarusian flags and not the flag that the dictator has approved,” says the former Polish anti-communist activist in an interview on portal

But Borowski thinks that Lukashenko has enough strength to suppress the protests.

“There will be victims, prisoners and martyrs who will mobilize more people to act. This is why I think this is the beginning of a movement which will take Belarus out of the post-Bolshevik system,” he predicts.


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