Poland to continue strengthening eastern border with belligerent Belarus, governing party leader reveals

Jarosław Kaczyński spoke to journalists from the border on Thursday

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: polsatnews.pl

The Polish government has ordered further reinforcement of the country’s eastern border with Belarus after a further deterioration in relations between the two nations.

“We intend to further expand the barrier on the border with Belarus, in places where it is not yet present,” said Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the governing Law and Justice (PiS) party and Poland’s deputy prime minister, on Thursday during a visit to the border.

During a press briefing, Kaczyński said that both external and internal security are important, but “external security is a priority for our government, we place it first,” he said. Kaczyński emphasized that the border with Belarus is continuously being strengthened, including by building fences and using electronic devices to protect the border from “actions organized by Lukashenko with the support of Putin.”

Kaczyński was referring to illegal migrants continuously flocking to the border. “We are doing everything necessary to easily fend off any provocations or aggressive actions,” Kaczyński said.

The PiS leader added that Russia’s Wagner Group is training a few kilometers from where he was speaking.

He reminded journalists of the Polish government’s commitment to further strengthening Poland’s defenses with particular emphasis on military enhancement.

Kaczyński referred to the previous government of Civic Platform (PO), saying the size of the Polish armed forces was reduced at that time, particularly to the east of the Vistula River, and these areas were usually the most threatened. He stated that former prime minister and current opposition leader “Donald Tusk’s policy is a policy of full subordination to Germany, also for personal reasons. It was he who weakened Poland.”

The PiS leader announced that “the Polish land army, in a short time, will be the strongest on the continent.”

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