Polish ambassador harassed on camera in Russia by Polish citizen with pro-Russian sympathies

Poland’s ambassador to Russia was forced to evacuate a Yekaterinburg restaurant after being aggressively questioned by a Pole who has sought political asylum in Belarus

Krzysztof Krajewski, Polish ambassador to Russia. (Source: gov.pl)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Krzysztof Krajewski, Poland’s ambassador to Russia, had to be evacuated from a restaurant in Yekaterinburg, Russia, after being pestered with questions by a man who turned up at the restaurant with a cameraman.

Krajewski was accosted by a young man who spoke fluent Polish and fired a series of questions at the ambassador in a Yekaterinburg restaurant. He asked how many Poles have returned in coffins from Ukraine and why Poland was sending its soldiers to the front in Ukraine. He also asked why Poland had forgotten about the Volhynia massacre

The young man was accompanied by men with cameras, and the recording of the incident is now available on social media. 

The man has been identified as a Pole, Marcin Mikołajek, who has sought political asylum in Belarus “in protest against Rosophobia in Poland.”

In fact, he has for years been involved in the conduct of pro-Russian propaganda and was facing an indictment in Poland for promoting war and war crimes against Ukrainian civilians. 

Ambassador Krajewski visited Polish expats living in Yekaterinburg, as well as sites commemorating the victims of political oppression during the times of the Soviet Union. Despite such victims being recognized officially in Russia, commemorating them is not popular with the Russian authorities.

The ambassador claimed that this was why there was an attempt to disrupt his visit. “This sort of incident shows the direction of Russian relations for diplomats and international partners. Intimidation is now par for the course,” said Krajewski.

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