Czech Republic votes against UN migration pact

The UN General Assembly officially approved the pact on Wednesday by a vote of 152 countries. The Czech Republic and four other states were against, 12 abstained and 24 didn’t vote, including Slovakia.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš later confirmed the country’s UN migration pact vote. Babiš posted on Twitter that the Czech Republic kept its promise and voted against the plan. We stay true to our strategy against illegal migration and we will not accept a single migrant, he added.

According to AP, there were less countries in favor of the Pact now than in Marrakesh, where it was preliminarily approved by the signing of 164 members. On Wednesday, it was approved by an overwhelming majority, despite the US, Hungary, Israel, Poland and the Czech Republic opposing it.

The non-binding agreement is supposed to ensure secure and orderly legal migration. The talks about a global migration pact had started as a result of the migration crisis in Europe, which was the largest since the Second World War and arouse nationalistic tendencies.


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