US Secretary of Defense: ‘Real opportunity’ of moving 2nd Cavalry regiment from Germany to Poland

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Strengthening the United States military presence in Poland would make sense in the eyes of many NATO allies, said US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper believes during a speech at the Atlantic Council think-tank.

Esper focused on the subject of strengthening US allies in the era of a “great power competition”, declaring that the US is currently considering moving the 2nd Cavalry regiment to Poland:

“There’s now the real opportunity to look at putting the 2nd Cavalry regiment, or parts of it at least, in Poland, further east, which is what they want. We think it makes sense. I think many NATO countries think that would make sense as well,” he said.

Esper explained that moving the regiment currently stationed in Vilseck, Bavaria, would be an additional move that would go beyond the agreed on 1,000 US soldiers already being sent to Poland.