VIDEO: Man heckles US soldiers in Polish mall, accuses them of being spreaders of ‘sodomy,’ and claims it’s ‘America’s no. 1 export’

The unidentified man also told the U.S. soldiers that they are in ‘White country’ and should stay away from the White women

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author: Remix News Staff

A video of an unidentified man harassing U.S. soldiers in a Polish mall has been uploaded to social media, with the man asking the soldiers if they were in Poland to “spread sodomy,” claiming it was “America’s number one export.”

The man is seen approaching four uniformed American soldiers, three of which appear to be White males and the other a Black or Hispanic male. The man first asks the soldiers, “You guys Americans? Are you guys here to spread sodomy or what? Isn’t that what America’s number one export is?”

The soldiers first laugh but then appear to try and ignore the man, who continues to follow them. He then asks them, “What is it? Is it George Floyd culture, is it sodomy?”

It is unclear where in Poland the video was filmed, but it is clearly a Polish mall. Although the man speaks with what appears to be an American accent, he refers to Poland as his country.

He then asks the soldiers about Admiral Rachel L. Levine, a four-star general, who serves as U.S. Health Secretary, and is one of the few openly transgender officials in the United States’ administration.

“What do you guys think about your health secretary being a f**king tranny? Hey, guys. What do you guys think about your health secretary being a tranny? Nothing?” he asks. Later, he adds, “You guys literally have fucking transexuals that wear dresses that are your fucking superiors.”

He then continues trailing the soldiers through the mall, asking, “What do you guys think about defending a country that has… there’s no meaning to be a citizen? Like any, any Mexican crossing the border is literally one of you.”

He then warns the soldiers, who are growing visibly irritated towards the end of the video, to “keep Poland White,” and tells them to “stay away from those White women because miscegenation used to be a crime in your country.”

He is likely referring to laws against interracial relationships, which were ruled unconstitutional in 1967 by the Supreme Court. The last state to repeal its law against miscegenation was Alabama in 2000.

The cameraman then appears to challenge the soldiers, saying multiple times, “What are you going to do? (…) You guys here to spread some fucking homo worship? You get called out on it. Show us what a tough guy you are. You’ve got an AR15?”

The cameraman then hurls racial epithets at the soldiers as they walk outside the mall, screaming, “Yeah. You’re in a white country now. We don’t worship n*****s and Mexicans.”

One of the soldiers appears to want to turn around and confront the cameraman, but the other soldier pushes him away from the scene.

Although the United States was once 90 percent White, it has seen a dramatic fall of its White population in just a few decades, falling to under 60 percent as of 2022. New estimates say that the White majority may become a minority as soon as the end of 2030 due to a surge in non-White Hispanics and other non-White groups through both immigration and higher birth rates. Poland, in contrast, is still close to nearly entirely White European, with 96.9 percent of ethnic Polish descent, with the remaining balance mostly Ukrainians and other European groups.

The Polish government is on record as being committed to anti-racism, but has also promoted a strict immigration policy that Poles appear to overwhelmingly favor. Hate speech laws in the country may result in prosecution if the man’s identity comes to light. In addition, Poland is one of the United States’ closest military allies, with the country hosting a large contingent of U.S. soldiers in Poland as a part of the NATO agreements.

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