New formula for Warsaw’s March of Independence ‘will be a historic event’

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Every year, Poland’s patriotic and nationalist movements organize a march on Nov. 11 attended by tens of thousands of people in the capital of Poland. This event is known as the March of Independence and is meant to commemorate Poland regaining its independence on Nov. 11, 1918.

This year is also special because it is the centenary of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw.

Due to restrictions imposed under the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s march will look different from previous events.

The leader of the March of Independence Association, Robert Bąkiewicz, announced on social media that the 2020 March of Independence will take the form of a motorized cavalcade.

The editor-in-chief of Polish newspaper Gazeta Polska, Tomasz Sakiewicz, stated that this formula was suggested a few days ago by the American Gazeta Polska clubs which convinced the march organizers to celebrate differently this year by conducting a parade with vehicles.

“This will be a historic event, due to its formula, but also due to the example of huge responsibility taken over people who participate in the march and over those who later come in contact with them. No one will be infected in their own car,” he explained and added that the event will still be spectacular and festive.

Sakiewicz noted that a few days ago a brutal attack was committed against the basic values on which Poland and Western civilization are built, which saw priests and churches being attacked while Catholic churchgoers were humiliated and violently assaulted.

This was an unprecedented assault against the Church in Polish history.

“It is obvious that the organizers of the March of Independence want to oppose this and are marching under slogans in defense of our civilization. This is especially important on the 100th anniversary of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw,” he said.

Sakiewicz emphasized that Poland has already experienced and seen the dire consequences of leftist organization protests between October and November which led to the deaths of thousands infected by the coronavirus.

“There was a complete lack of responsibility of the organizers, combined with aggression and radical stupidity. The lack of care for the well-being of both their supporters and bystanders who could have been infected has led to a tragedy,” he said.

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