Watch: Fans of Turkey and Georgia clash after Euro 2024 match – not in Germany, but in Gorzów, Poland

A heated clash between Turkish and Georgian fans erupted in Gorzów Wielkopolski following the Euro 2024 match, resulting in a chaotic scene by the Warta River

Source: YouTube/, video picture grab.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Fans of Turkey and Georgia clashed not in Germany’s Dortmund, nor in Istanbul, nor Tbilisi, but in Gorzów Wielkopolski in western Poland after their teams faced off in the Euro 2024 tournament. The thrilling match saw Turkey triumph with a 3-1 victory. Following the game, fans gathered in a fan zone by the Warta River, where tensions flared, leading to a brawl among the supporters.

A local news portal reported that those involved in the fight were not sober.

On Tuesday afternoon, Turkey and Georgia played what many consider the best match of Euro 2024 so far. The game, filled with spectacular goals, ended with Turkey securing a 3:1 victory, marking a successful start in the German-hosted tournament.

The atmosphere at the stadium in Dortmund was electric due to the large number of fans from both nations. Given this, it seemed likely that any conflicts would occur in the stands. However, no one expected the altercation to break out post-match, especially in Gorzów by the Warta River.

A fan zone was set up on the East Boulevard in Gorzów, where matches of Euro 2024 could be watched. Following the Turkey-Georgia game, around 8:00 p.m., a fight broke out between fans of both teams.

“I had to call the police just moments ago regarding a fight between a few drunk Turkish and Georgian fans on the boulevard in the fan zone after the final whistle,” said Jacek Bachalski, who watched the match in the fan zone, as quoted by

A video published by the portal shows fans from both sides wrestling, pulling, and hitting each other, with some narrowly avoiding falling into the Warta River or injuring themselves on the concrete.

Other footage also showed up on social media.

There have been no reports of injuries or arrests following the brawl by the Warta River.

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