‘We’ll have the last laugh’ – Polish conservative MEP Tarczyński warns von der Leyen and Weber that the right will prevail

The leader of the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) faction of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), Dominik Tarczyński, slammed the EU leadership for illegal migration and the Green Deal

MEP Dominik Tarczyński. (Source: European Parliament)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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In harsh words, Law and Justice (PiS) MEP Dominik Tarczyński told European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European People’s Party (EPP) leader Manfred Weber that they will not be smiling after the upcoming EU parliament election.

“The madness of illegal migration and the Green Deal will cease after this election and smiles will be wiped off your faces, when the right wins the election and makes Europe great again,” Tarczyński said.

The plenary discussed the last meeting of the European Council, with Tarczyński addressing his remarks directly at von der Leyen. He said that she had presented a vision but no numbers to back it up.

In response, Tarczyński provided his own numbers, citing youth unemployment statistics for Spain (28.4 percent), Sweden (21 percent), Italy (20.4 percent), Greece (17.4 percent) and France (16,9 percent), comparing those with Poland’s unemployment rate of around 5 percent under the PiS government. However, he reminded that when Donald Tusk was last in power, Poland was recording similar jobless figures to those in Western Europe. He asked Weber if this was what he wanted to see for Poland.

Tarczyński noticed that von der Leyen was smirking and said he was pleased to see her so happy but called on her to talk about facts, such as Europe’s €270 billion trade deficit with China even as the EU implements an extreme set of climate policies — all while Europe is only responsible for 7 percent of global emissions.

“You want to save the world using our wallets. It’s madness,” he said.

Tarczyński also slammed the EU leadership for the fact that their migration policies have destroyed security for the people of Europe. He blamed the German “Wilkommen” policy towards illegal migration as the cause of the insecurity in Europe and cited Germany with its 6 million crimes as the prime example of this.

“Do you really want to continue this course?” he asked Manfred Weber. 

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