The West is not out of it yet

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The most successful message of the anti-establishment parties is clear, they want change and to remove the old elite. While the traditional political parties were closely connected to certain ideologies, which also unified them, this allegiance also created their barriers.

The communists believed in changes that form a socialistic model of society. The socialist democrats in opposite to Marx’s revolution theories wanted to end social differences through reforms. Conservatives saw value in traditional hierarchy and respect. This fundamental difference between parties and ideologies formed the policy of states before the World Wars and after the fall of communism.

After the rise of informational and investigative communities, internet became a worldwide phenomenon and social network users were facing a flow of information about the old elite which showed that the traditional political parties had not necessarily worked for the prosperity of society. When the parties started to lose their legitimacy, this affected the political system, because the public needs to view politics as legitimate.

The society of the modern era is complex and divided, says Zámec, while every group is defending his own interests and no language can address it as a whole. It is common that corporations are cooperating with parties and movements. The left failed and the euphoria from the victory after the Cold War evolved into the false belief that the capitalism and liberal democracy will dominate and the history will end.

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