Writer defended by renowned Polish authors after LGBT criticism

“We have never before seen such a fierce attack!”

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Do Rzeczy/Twitter

Last month, author Jacek Komuda’s short story “Dalian, You Will Be Quartered!” created huge controversy within Polish literary circles.

LGBT communities heavily criticized the satirical story for its content which they viewed as offensive.
The editorial board of “Nowa Fantastyka” which published the story, released a statement in which it apologized for publishing Komuda’s work. The magazine also claimed that publishing the story in Poland’s current political climate was “a mistake”.

Despite significant pressure from the LGBT movement and its supporters, Komuda refused to apologize and stressed that Poland is a free country in which everyone has the right to freedom of speech.

He also pointed out that the story is a pastiche of the current situation in Poland and if anyone interpreted his work one-sidedly, then they are ideologically manipulated.

A month later, several famous and influential Polish authors also associated with “Nowa Fantastyka” released an open letter in which they condemned the magazine’s reaction and openly supported Komuda.


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