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Liberal Budapest mayor wins race after second recount

Incumbent liberal mayor Gergely Karácsony is believed to have been reelected by…

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Germany: Albanian football staff member accused of rape against hotel dishwasher during Euro 2024

The Albanian man was allowed to leave Germany despite the rape allegation

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AfD forms new right-wing EU parliamentary group with smaller parties

The group's manifesto is focused against the "Islamization of Europe," the Green…

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Germany: Prosecutors launch investigation after foreign ministry accused of issuing fraudulent visas for Afghans and Lebanese migrants

The German Foreign Ministry willingly disregarded police warnings about troublesome immigrants

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Ukraine has an ethnic Hungarian ‘drone master’ and his unit is set to grow ‘explosively’

Former ethnic Hungarian entrepreneur now leads a successful and rapidly growing Ukrainian…

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Germany’s plan to reinstate conscription faces serious roadblock

Germany's liberal FDP says the new draft rules would amount to an…

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