Asylum applications, , asylum seekers, Eurostat, European Union Asylum Seekers European Union Eurostat News

EU asylum application rate increases

The number of asylum applications in the European Union more than doubled from April to June this year compared to the second quarter of last year. In total, member states registered 103,895 applications, according to EU statistics office Eurostat. Most newcomers arrived from Syria, while the number of Afghans increased significantly. The number of asylum […]
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Belarus illegal migrants Mariusz Kamiński Russia Terrorism News Poland

Polish defense minister: We discovered illegal migrants with child porn, graphic ISIS images on confiscated phones

Several illegal migrants who tried to cross the Polish-Belarusian border were in possession of photos of child pornography, zoophilia, decapitations, and materials proving connections with terrorist organizations and Russia

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Wałęsa lost case in court agent of the communist secret police Agent Wałęsa Lech Wałęsa SB secret communist police Sławomir Cenckiewicz News Poland

Polish court: Lech Wałęsa must apologize to historian who revealed Wałęsa worked for communist intelligence services

Wałęsa lost the case, but the Warsaw district court rejected historian Sławomir Cenckiewicz’s motion that former president of Poland should pay a fine as a compensation

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Germany elections Poland Central Europe CDU Central Europe Election Germany SPD Tomasz Sakiewicz News Poland

After the elections, Germany’s hostile foreign policy towards Poland could change

Germany will not carry out its foreign policy regarding Poland as aggressively after the Bundestag elections because there will no longer be such a dominant party in Germany, believes Editor-in-Chief of Gazeta Polska Tomasz Sakiewicz

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LGBT ideology Świętokrzyskie region Poland Family Rights European Commission LGBT regional funds Regional parliament News Poland

Regional Polish parliament bends to EU pressure, repeals law opposing spread of ‘LGBT ideology’

Under pressure from the European Commission and Polish government, the Świętokrzystkie region’s local parliament repealed its two-year-long official opposition to the spreading of LGBT ideology

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Free Democratic Party Mass migration Pensions Pro-Business Party Germany News

Germany’s pro-business FDP claims country needs 500,000 immigrants annually

While Germany pushes for more migrants, which have often cost the state billions to integrate with poor results, countries like Japan are pushing technology, automation and robotics in order to make up for any shortfalls in labor

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Jerzy Targalski died Poland's right Death Jerzy Targalski Russia Three Seas News Poland

Jerzy Targalski, one of the most influential figures on Poland’s right, dies at 69 in Warsaw

As a historian and political scientist, Jerzy Targalski warned against Russian attempts to drive a wedge between the Three Seas, reminisces journalist and expert on Eastern affairs and former student of Targalski, Grzegorz Kuczyński

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European Commission Margaritis Schinas Migration Pact Crime France Hungary Migration News

After elections in France and Germany, EU will introduce ‘repackaged’ compulsory migrant quotas

Brussels bureaucrats appear to be certain of a radical electoral shift to the left in the largest European member states, and it will then be time to push compulsory migrant quotas, writes Daniel Deme for Remix News

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Poland Czechia Turów mine V4 Czechia ECJ Mateusz Morawiecki Turów lignite mine V4 News Poland

Poland could suspend V4 cooperation as fallout from coal mine dispute with Czechia grows

According to unofficial reports, PiS politicians are upset that Czechia’s complaint to the European Court of Justice over the Turów lignite mine has resulted in the court’s decision to fine Poland €500,000 per day

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Silver Arrow 21 military exercises Latvia Estonia Latvia Lithuania Mariusz Błaszczak military exercise Silver arrow 21 News Poland

Silver Arrow 21: Military exercises in Latvia observed by defense ministers of Baltic states and Poland

Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have been affected by the same kind of hybrid attack from Belarus and must jointly respond to the threat, says the Polish defense minister

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Cardinal Wyszyński beatification Andrzej Nowak Beatification Catholic church l Marcello Semeraro Stefan Wyszyński News Poland

‘Poles should not be ashamed of their history’ – National hero who resisted communism, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, beatified in Warsaw

The battle for Poland is taking place not only in the chambers of parliament but also in the area of prayer, says historian professor Andrzej Nowak

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Lukashenko Belarus Zapad 21 WEST Aleksandr Lukashenko Belarus military exercise Vladimir Putin Zapad 21 News Poland

Zapad 21: Belarusian president accuses West of ‘hybrid aggression’

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced a billion-dollar military purchase from Russia and called for the EU to abolish its sanctions on Belarus in a sign that tensions will remain heightened between Belarus and neighboring countries

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