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New German battle tanks could soon be part-made in Czechia as manufacturers close in on lucrative defense contract

The Czech defense industry is eyeing up a major contract to manufacture…

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EU migration pact stokes divisions as Visegrád nations vow to defy agreement backed by Western Europe

The newly approved EU migration pact is causing controversy across Europe. While…

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Czech defense companies post huge profits amid rising tensions across Europe

Reported revenues for last year revealed that several Czech arms manufacturers are…

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Czechia sends 800,000 artillery shells to Ukraine

Czechia has gathered the funds necessary to send 800,000 much-needed artillery shells…

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Is the V4 still alive? Hungary, Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia’s leaders meet in Prague to find common ground

Although the war in Ukraine has divided the Visegrád Four (V4) countries…

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Worst shooting in Czech history: Country mourns 15 victims of Prague university massacre

A mass shooting on Thursday afternoon at the Faculty of Arts of…

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