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Switzerland ‘violated human rights’ by not tackling climate change quickly enough, rules ECHR in landmark case

National governments are infringing on citizens' human rights by not doing enough…

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Rampaging bear injures 5, shot down in Slovakia

A rampaging brown bear that injured five people in the Slovakian town…

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Germany: After Tesla factory hit in terror attack, far left interior minister warns of rising left-wing extremism

After an arson attack on an electricity substation knocked out power to…

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Hungarian solar power makes huge leap in 2023, 18% of all energy generated from solar

The Hungarian solar industry has experienced rapid development, with its biggest expansion…

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Greens commence deforestation of Germany’s enchanted forest to make way for wind turbines

The deforestation of parts of the central German Reinhardwald forest has begun…

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‘Reduce your emissions within two months or face the consequences,’ Brussels tells 12 member states

The European Commission has ordered Hungary, Romania, and 10 other member states…

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