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Frontex: 134,000 illegal migrants entered the E.U. in 2021, up 61 percent from last year alone

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency, also known as Frontex, has…

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Brussels wants to overwrite Common Agricultural Policy

The European Commission's planned executive order would overwrite the results of the…

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EU nations should take in 42,500 Afghans, says top EU commissioner

EU member states are expected to receive more than 40,000 Afghan refugees…

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EU’s energy policy in disarray, while prices in much maligned Hungary remain stable

As a result of a combination of higher production costs, mismanaged, politically-driven…

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European Parliament proposes 30 kph urban speed limit

Stricter road safety measures, such as speed limits of 30 kilometers per…

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EU summit endorses Balkans enlargement but sets no timeframe

In what can be described as a diplomatic win for the Visegrád…

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