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40% of asylum seekers are destroying their passports upon entry to Ireland

Irish authorities are ramping up immediate checks on new arrivals as they…

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The Irish have no option left but to protest against an asylum crisis of their government’s own making

The Irish government has run out of designated accommodations to cater to…

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Six men charged for New Year’s Day stabbings at Irish hotel currently housing asylum seekers

Six men have been charged in connection with an incident on New…

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Christian teacher who refused to call boy a girl is jailed in Ireland for contempt of court

A Christian teacher who refused to use gender-neutral pronouns at a school…

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Irish nursing homes closing at ‘unprecedented’ rate and converted to Ukrainian refugee shelters

An "unprecedented" number of nursing homes are being closed and converted to…

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Ireland’s liberal government wants to give citizenship to 17,000 illegal immigrants

The Irish government, currently ruled by a coalition of liberal parties, has…

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