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Ireland needs a referendum on immigration after 960% increase in new arrivals in one year, says Irish MP

An independent Irish lawmaker has called for a referendum on immigration after…

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Irish government proposes mass culling of cows to meet radical net zero climate targets

The Irish government would need to set aside a €600 million budget…

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Irish government introduces stark health warning on alcohol claiming links to cancer

The Irish government signed into law on Monday a requirement for drinks…

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Police investigate after Zimbabwean media claims triple murder suspect fled to Ireland under false name

Irish authorities have launched an investigation after a Zimbabwean national newspaper reported…

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Ireland’s controversial hate speech law paves the way for an Orwellian future

A new hate speech bill is being pushed through the Irish parliament…

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‘Biden isn’t anti-British,’ insists White House official after president is slammed by DUP grandees

White House officials have refuted claims that Joe Biden is "anti-British" after…

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