Another lawsuit against the Czech President? Nothing but a PR stunt

Senators from the ‘Senator 21’ caucus prepare a lawsuit against President Miloš Zeman for violations of the Constitution.

editor: REMIX NEWS
via: Twitter

As chairman Václav Láska claims ‘they’ have already collected 20 violations, and would like to present a legal analysis within a month. As commentator Jan Palička pointed out in his post on Twitter, none of the announced lawsuits has yet been filed, so it’s nothing but a PR stunt.

It is the umpteenth constitutional lawsuit against Miloš Zeman to be prepared by legislators, reminded Palička, adding that in fact there have been exactly zero lawsuits filed so far. Thus, as he believes it is nothing but another PR stunt. Such actions undermine the Institute of the constitutional lawsuit itself, warned Palička.

Other Senate groups are divided on this matter. The Christian Democrats announced that they are going to support the lawsuit, while Civic Democrats don’t believe it can succeed. As their vice-chairman Oberfalzer reminded, constitutional lawyers have never found that Zeman’s actions meet the facts of the case.

The President’s spokesperson responded that it is yet another hateful attempt to draw the attention of the media and that doesn’t come as a surprise that those who call themselves ‘liberal democrats’ are behind the lawsuit.


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