Berlin unleashes its hounds as Poles defend John Paul II 

Newsweek cover page attacking conservative media (Source:
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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They thought the heavy artillery used against the Church had prepared the ground for the ultimate target, the Polish pope. Focusing on pedophilia in the Church was merely preparation. The plan was to first soil Cardinal Sapieha with testimony by a degenerate priest, and then get to Karol Wojtyła who succeeded Sapieha in Kraków and later became John Paul II. 

But something went wrong. We had warned that a strike against the pope was more than likely. That is why we were prepared. 

The liberal plan to take power is coming apart at the seams. Berlin, through its ambassador, has expressed its displeasure saying that Poland’s five minutes in the sun will pass. However, Poles take no notice. No one believes Germany anymore. They betrayed Ukraine and waited for it to fall. No doubt they would have done the same with Poland.

But Berlin’s growls and its displeasure will have consequences. Clearly, the German-owned press in Poland hasn’t done its job. The conclusion will be that they have been too soft when what is needed is to unleash the hounds and bring the Poles to heel. 

The hounds are being unleashed to scare us. They hope we will give up our pope and allow them to take the Poland we have given so much blood for and turn it into another land of the Reich. And that we’ll embrace their ideological madness.

They are mistaken. We have seen through their plans. We are not afraid. We can defend ourselves against the SS hounds. We see these scandalous covers of German-owned magazines (this week’s Newsweek shows Jarosław Kaczyński with angry dogs on leashes and labeled with names of Polish conservative media) for what they are. A sign that Berlin is angry and growling. But we will ignore them and let the truth win.  

Let’s stay on course. Defend Saint John Paul II against these wicked attacks. 

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