Chinese diplomat: COVID-19 origin research shouldn’t be politicized

By Dénes Albert
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We regret to note that in some countries there is a growing unhealthy tendency to politicize viral origin research, including interfering with the normal work of the WHO Secretariat and putting pressure on it to overturn or distort the conclusions of the joint report by China and the WHO.

Some 300 political parties, civil society organizations, and think tanks from more than 100 countries and regions have submitted a joint statement to the WHO Secretariat calling on the WHO to conduct a global coronavirus origin test objectively and impartially and to strongly oppose its politicization. This is a legitimate demand of the international community and serves as a voice of truth.

China’s position on this issue is consistent and clear. First, the study of the origin of coronavirus is a scientific matter, and only scientists should study and judge the animal origin of the virus and the manner in which it was transmitted to humans. No country has the right to politicize scientific issues and thus denigrate other countries.

Second, a joint research report by China and the WHO draws conclusions recognized by the international community and the scientific community that the virus is highly unlikely to have escaped from a laboratory. These findings should be respected by everyone. Future global origin research should build on this, not whistle the same old tune.

Thirdly, China has always supported and continues to participate in scientific origin research, but opposes its politicization, opposes origin testing contrary to the WHO resolution, and opposes the rejection of the joint China-WHO study.

Fourthly, in accordance with the resolution of the international organization, the WHO Secretariat should consult with the member states as much as possible on the global origin verification work plan and the verification mechanism, in full respect of member states’ views. It should also consult with the countries concerned on an origin verification plan and establish effective cooperation on that basis.

Title image: Chinese ambassador to Budapest Qi Dayu. (source: Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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