Christian values in Poland are up in flames

By admin
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The Hagia Sophia became a mosque once more a few days ago. I did not think I would witness the second “capture” of the most important cathedral to Eastern Christians in the 21st century, but here we are.

Its takeover in the times of “inter-religious dialogue” took place in peacetime, without bloodshed and maybe even through a measure of politeness if we consider the invitation to Pope Francis to witness the conversion ceremony.

Still, this was no less humiliating than the temple’s sacking in 1453 by the Ottomans.

The Hagia Sophia’s conversion to Islam is the symbol of modern times. It represents the same civilizational process to which the burning of cathedrals in France belong to.

The photos of burning churches is nothing more than an image of the collapse of the Christian world in Europe. We are not only its witnesses, but also participants.

This process does not take place “somewhere” in Europe — it is also happening in Poland. The world of Christian values is breaking apart in front of us, and we do not what to do: Run away from the Church or extinguish the fire?

Should we run, like millions of Europeans, and increasingly more Poles?

Like many Polish conservative commentators, I’ve decided to stay at the Church’s side.

I remain because it was through the Church that I truly met Christ — the true and living Christ, not just a creation of my emotions or theological investigations. I never liked the term “testimony of faith” but that is what it was. This is why I decide to stay because only in the Church do I have access to the sacraments.