“Co-parenting” is a dangerous trend coming to Poland

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“Co-parenting” focuses on choosing the ideal partner to procreate but without any deeper emotions or bonding. This is a search for a parent, not a spouse, lover or partner in the traditional sense of the words. There is no plan for there to be any connection between two people other than the children.

The idea therefore revolves around eugenics and on the websites dedicated to “co-parenting”, users outline what traits they are looking for in a potential parent. These include but are not limited to: eye and hair of a certain color, a specific type of silhouette, a good IQ score and a sense of humor.

The key element of “co-parenting” is that the father would not just be there to impregnate. He would take part in the child’s upbringing. Separately from the mother and in accordance with established rules and obligations. The idea is simple: let’s procreate and raise the child separately.

The idea is simple: let’s procreate and raise the child separately

This is problematic because it would mean that children would be raised in a split family from the very beginning. Even if a mother tries her best to give her children everything, she will never be able to replace the figure of a father.

Supporters of “co-parenting” argue, that the traditional family model is idealized and that it rarely exists in nature. Experts such as sexologist Andrzej Komorowski disagree, because if the child is meant to be the most important issue then “people would want both of the parents to be present.”

“Co-parenting” comes from and thrives on people’s fear that they might not be able to fulfill their dreams of having children in a normal way. A relationship built only on conceiving a child looks better than failed ones commented on by people on Facebook. The bitter moral will come to light, when the grown up child will stumble upon emails sent between the “co-parents”.

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