Poland’s Oscar-nominated ‘Corpus Christi’ is a provocative, yet mature movie about faith

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The nomination of the film “Corpus Christi” for an Oscar is a great success for Polish cinema, and a critical nod to a movie which connects instead of divides.

I watched “Corpus Christi” even before the film festival in Gdynia in September 2019. My first thoughts after the viewing? Finally, someone is speaking to me about faith in a provocative but serious manner in Polish cinema.

Director Jan Komasa has made a movie which has been applauded by people with a wide range of differing views. I have seen the delight of both those opposed to religion as well as Catholics.

Religious figure and film expert, Father Marek Kotyński, claimed the movie “bore a hole in everyone’s stomachs and asked about the quality of Christian faith, the role of the priest in human lives and asks about the position of a priest today.”