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Polish film school student lands Oscar nomination for ‘The Dress’

The Polish short film "The Dress" is a story about a young…

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Decoding the world: White art becomes as undesirable as Jewish art once was

Polish petroleum giant reaches for a new sources of green energy

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Oscars’ new diversity rules could result in absurdities like ‘Black SS officers’ in concentration camps, says Polish commentator

George F. Hemingway writes that Hollywood is committing suicide by discrimination — this…

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Three Czechs invited to join Oscars Academy

Czechia ranked fourth in the global manufacturing index

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Poland’s Oscar-nominated ‘Corpus Christi’ is a provocative, yet mature movie about faith

The Daughter earns a nomination in the short animated film

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Czechia has a chance to win an Oscar

Shanghai reacts by suspending all official contact with Prague

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Czechia has a double chance to win an Oscar

The fans decided to sing the anthem themselves

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Three Oscar Nominations for “Cold War”

Some claim that a Europe of two dynamics has been forged in…

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