Czech parties announce nominees for European election

Some of the parties represented in Parliament have already announced who will be their leader for the upcoming European elections.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Ruling Babiš’s party ANO will be led by Dita Charanzová, one of its three remaining MEPs. According to Babiš, she is the best possible candidate, because she is successful and a visible MEP. On the other hand, Babiš has a rather reserved attitude to nominations of ANO MPs. He explained that he would like to have them in the Czech Republic.

ANO coalition partner ČSSD also puts up one of its MEPs. Pavel Poc has been in the European Parliament since 2009 and got elected from the third spot in the last elections. 2014 leader Jan Keller expressed he doesn’t want to run again. Other well-known persons such as former Foreign Minister Zaorálek and Unions’ leader Středula have rejected their candidacy.

The Civic Democrats are expected to nominate Jan Zahradil, who is a natural choice given his experience and recent Spitzenkandidat nomination for ECR. Officially their leader will be selected via party primaries and announced no later than in January. 

Pirates are also waiting for a result of party primary elections. People’s party announced MEP Pavel Svoboda as a leader, backed by Zdechovský and Šojdrová, who sit at the European Parliament as well. Communists are likely to nominate MEP Kateřina Konečná.

Although all the leaders will have to be officially confirmed by wider party structures, those are most likely the final nominees. 


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