Denmark is showing us the right way

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Denmark is strengthening its anti-immigration policy in its latest moves.

editor: REMIX NEWS

All European countries have problems with migrants who break certain laws or who do not have a residence permit, but cannot be deported. Either because the home country refuses to accept them or there are threats to their life if they were to be sent home.

According to analyst Petr Robejšek, Denmark is showing us the right way. In his much-shared article on Facebook he noticed that while the European Left is sharply criticizing Italy, Hungary and even Austria for their tough stance towards migrants, they are ignoring Denmark with its strict anti-immigration policy.

As part of a growing anti-immigration agenda, Denmark’s government has struck a deal to move unwanted migrants to an uninhabited island. And it’s not the first time Denmark has taken controversial actions aimed toward migrants.

For example, the government has also introduced laws restricting face coverings such as the niqab and burqa worn by some Muslim women. According to Robejšek, another smart step can be seen in ongoing negotiations with Lithuania regarding the construction of a new prison that could house all of its foreign criminals who have been expelled as part of their sentences.


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