Duda: Let’s build “Fort Trump”

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President Duda mentioned the name “Fort Trump” twice in the White House during media appearances. The reference was immediately picked up and made waves across Polish and American twitterspheres alike.

Media specialist Eryk Mistewicz applauds Duda’s use of the term and calls it: “A story clear to everyone; in two seconds, in just a moment, what Poland and Poles want. It was impossible to explain what we wanted in a shorter and more succinct way. #FortTrump is spreading like a virus!”:


“Trump’s reaction at “Fort Trump”? Priceless!”



The senior political analysist for Fox News Pete Hegseth announced that “I can’t wait to visit Fort Trump in Poland!”


And here are the “new maps of Europe” featuring Fort Trump in Poland:


Jennifer Griffin, a correspondent for Fox News was one of the first to mention “Fort Trump” on Twitter. She noticed, that such a move would “likely anger Russia.”


“Fort Trump” could have far reaching effects when it comes to European defense. Journalist Michał Sznajder comments on voices showing up proposing to move US forces from Germany to Poland:

#FortTrump in American tweets – I’m seeing opinions that it would be worth it to move forces from Germany to Poland because Poland is a tested and true friend. Some add the financial factor – because Poland is paying what needs to be paid for its defense.”


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