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Fort Trump John J. Sullivan Poland Three Seas Initiative US V4 Commentary

Poland’s leadership in the region is crucial, says John J. Sullivan

Other countries in the region look to Poland for guidance, says US Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan. He underlined the importance of Poland as a US ally and the need to increase its security, and denounced Nord Stream 2 (NS2).

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Fort Trump Georgette Mosbacher James Mattis Mariusz Błaszczak Military Piotr Wilczek Poland US Commentary

“A step forward” on Fort Trump

The US Congress and the Pentagon are considering an increase in US military presence in Poland. In a joint letter in “Rzeczpospolita”, ambassadors Georgette Mosbacher and Piotr Wilczek stressed that the Polish-American friendship has “worked out”.

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Fort Trump Jacek Czaputowicz Jens Stoltenberg NATO Poland Russia News

Czaputowicz informs NATO on Tump military plans

Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz has informed NATO of plans to establish an American military base in Poland. “The eventual presence of American troops to a greater extent will help increase the security of Poland, the region and the entire North-Atlantic alliance,” says Czaputowicz.

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Andrzej Duda Donald Trump Fort Trump Poland US base US base Poland News

Polish FM: first decisions on US base next Spring

The Polish foreign minister explains why he supports permanent American bases in Poland. In an interview for Rzeczpospolita, Jacek Czaputowicz estimates that the first decisions should be made next spring and talks about why the US is favorable to building the base in Poland.

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