Duda in Washington: Words but no action

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Despite all of the commotion around his visit, Andrzej Duda returns with only words. And a bit of hope that somewhere in the distant future we might see some positive American decisions for Poland. Building your security policy based on dreams is not a good idea.

Of course, the biggest plus of this visit is that it actually happened. The previous impasse with the United States on the highest level would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for Poland’s international image.

It’s also hard to ignore the symbolic meaning of photos such as the one where the presidents are signing the declaration. Donald Trump is triumphantly seated in his chair whereas Duda is uncomfortably bent at the edge of the desk, an unfortunate depiction of the true nature of Polish-American relations.

Building your security policy based on dreams is not a good idea

Let’s look at what’s actually written in the “declaration of strategic partnership”. Diplomatic trite, joint celebrations, strengthening of bonds and taking measures to further deepen things. It should be shorter and more concrete – commitments to do this or that by a certain year.

“Fort Trump” is another issue. It’s not good that specific information concerning Polish hopes, logistics and financing was revealed, especially since the American side didn’t declare anything apart from “looking at options”.

Words about “Russian aggression” and Nord Stream 2 being a “danger to common security” are some consolation as well as pledges to strengthen cooperation in terms of intelligence and fighting crime.

However, “Poland has risen from her knees, but no one gave her a chair”. This isn’t just the problem of the current or previous governments. It’s a serious issue for us all. It is time to reflect on whether a different politician, with better advisors and more dexterous and competent than Duda, would have been able to get something more out of the extremely assertive United States of today.

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