Enough is enough! Poland needn’t apologize for its handling of the coronavirus crisis

Professor Andrzej Nowak lambasts domestic and international opponents of the Polish government and tells it to hold its head up high

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Andrzej Nowak

The Polish government is constantly having to explain and excuse itself in the light of demagogic attacks and lies flowing from the pro-opposition media. What it should be doing is highlighting the success it is having in combating the pandemic which has resulted in Poland having one of the lowest number of infections and fatalities in Europe.

Unlike France, Poland has not risked people’s health and lives by holding local elections. It also has not allowed thousands to march in leftist demonstrations in the middle of the epidemic, as happened in Spain.

Yet, domestic opposition and international bodies such as the European Commission have chosen Poland’s government to concentrate their fire on.

Why is Poland, which is considered by Europe’s elite as a ‘backward and badly governed’ country and always told to learn from the West, doing better at coping with the pandemic? Why are the Western Europeans not outperforming the “lesser” part of Europe’?

Those in the media that have for years campaigned to delegitimize a democratically elected government in Poland have two explanations

We are now being told to give up on elections in the name of democracy!

Are we to simply just give up power to the opposition without holding an election just to satisfy the Eurocrats?

The elections due in May cannot be a celebration of democracy because this is no time to celebrate. They are simply the fulfillment of constitutional duties in very difficult circumstances. The election will be held via postal voting to minimize risk to the public.

What the opposition is actually asking for is for the government to breach the constitution and to hold the election at a time of its choosing, which the opposition is desperate for simply because most polls show it is set to lose.

The opposition has even rejected a compromise consisting of a constitutional amendment that would have postponed the election for two years and meant that the popular incumbent would no longer be eligible to stand. This is because the opposition only wants to stop the ruling party at all costs and at any price.

One of the government’s greatest foes, former Civic Platform senate candidate Roman Giertych, let the cat out of the bag. He said that should the opposition lose the election, it should immediately contest it in the courts, however, should it win it, then it should accept the result. 

Democracy for them is just a tool to regain power and to take vengeance on those who dared to take power from its “rightful” owners.


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