Entrepreneur Soukup to establish new political party

Media owner and a TV host Jaromír Soukup establishes a new political party. He, however, denied speculation that he would run for an MEP seat, first reported by Info.cz.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Soukup is currently best-known for hosting several shows and programs on his Barrandov TV channel, where he also interviewed PM Orbán of Hungary last year. With his movement called ‘Jaromír Soukup’s LIST’, Soukup wants to defend Czech national interests against corrupted politicians and oligarchs.

Soukup previously announced that he is going to reveal ‘a life changing decision’ during his TV show called ‘My news’. For over a year, I’ve been discussing with the most important politicians what is bothering us all, I’ve pointed out many pressing issues, said Soukup live on air. It was me who drew attention to a huge difference between what politicians say and do for the first time, he added.

The LIST is a new political movement which will compete for your votes, and every year I will publish a list of specific things to be changed, continued Soukup. The first item on his agenda is to push through a legal responsibility for politicians to make the lives of their own citizens better. Soukup blamed them for a lack of apartments, expensive energies, overpriced bills for internet and mobile services among other things, while paying billions to solar-barons and oligarchs for things the state should be provide on its own.

Soukup was actively involved in politics once, in 2009 he was on a list of the Democratic Green party for the European elections and gained 72 votes.


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