Europe is weak by choice

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During the most important moments of President Joe Biden’s visit to Europe, which involved meetings with G7 group leaders, the NATO summit, meeting EU officials, and a conversation with Vladimir Putin in Geneva, it was repeated like a mantra that Europe is weak.

Europe is weak because it is unable to defend itself, weak because it remains powerless in the face of global changes, and weak because it has lost the ability to strategically understand itself. The list of European weaknesses that journalists and pundits ascribe to the continent goes on and on.

It is true that Europe is weak, but knowledge of this has not been a secret for at least two decades. Therefore, what is truly interesting is the cause for this weakness. Why do European states not make any conscious effort to change the situation if they are so aware of their growing weakness and the dangers which stem from it?

Many years ago, in his book “Of Paradise and Power”, Robert Kagan wrote that Europeans’ weakness is the result of their own strategic choice. Europe is weak because it is comfortable for it to be so, especially since America will guarantee its security.