Europe should follow the Hungarian way

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Instead of unconditionally embracing migration, the European Union should follow the Central European way and put safety first, according to Magyar Idők columnist Gulya Haraszti.

On Tuesday, Hungarian police detained a 27-year-old Afghan male, wanted by Greece for robbery and attempted homicide. The man clearly travelled unhindered from Greece to Hungary and we have a suspicion that Greek authorities would rather have him leave than arrest him themselves.

A 22-year-old Iraqi migrant who knifed a man in France and subsequently escaped in a stolen car was apprehended on Hungary’s southern border.

The above examples are a clear indication that the potential terrorists – whose numbers Europol estimates runs into the hundreds of thousands – can neither cross Hungary from the East or the South, nor can they roam uncontrolled as a result of Angela Merkel’s Willkommenskultur.

But to quote the classics, it’s “all quiet on the Western front”.

Looking at the news of the past few days, we had a man drive his car into cyclist in the UK while in Périgeux, France a drunken Afghan molested young girls and subsequently wounded two elderly and two ambulance workers with a knife.

But this quiet is likely one before the storm. In Bosnia, more and more migrants set up camp in public places and there are tens of thousands in refugee camps, potential terrorists among them.

Other tens of thousands are on route from Turkey and Greece through the Balkans and their numbers could increase further if the EU doesn’t bail out the Turkish economy again.

In the meanwhile, President Donald Trump said America will devote a larger proportion of its defense budget to the cold war on Russia and China, leaving Europe to deal with the situation in Afghanistan.

The question is then: who cares about Europe? There is still a way to go to steer clear of the dreaded “open society” envisioned by Merkel, Juncker and Macron. All it takes is to choose safety and the Hungarian way at next year’s European elections.


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