The Germanization of Europe

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Merkel has made her decision. She believes the time has come to openly take the helm of the European Union, thus uniting Europe under a German leadership, influential Hungarian historian Mária Schmidt writes on her blog. This is the same ambition that drove the attempts of Emperor Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler.

In World War I, Germany was forced to fight on two fronts. It defeated Russia and had the US not intervened in support of the Entente, it would have defeated them, too. This is why Hitler didn’t want a war on two fronts and after failing to agree with the British, he made a pact with Stalin. World War II again was decided by the Americans, who still had no wish to see a unified Nazi Europe under German leadership.

We are now witnessing the third attempt at the Germanization of Europe. Last year, the chancellor put an obedient servant at the helm of the Union’s bureaucracy without elections, rule of law, checks and balances or other such niceties. The tottering Juncker would now be out of any decent job, but he is just the man to lead the European Union.


He has always been good at serving globalized companies by handing them tax rebates – from which he may also have profited personally. Case in point: Amidst sanctions against Russia, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was somehow deemed compliant with EU rules, unlike the outrageous export of Polish beetroot, Hungarian apples or Slovak cabbage.

The first phase of the takeover has been completed with the launch of EU proceedings against Hungary with the assistance of a Dutch MEP and Manfred Weber, chosen to be the successor of Juncker.

But what is the point? Merkel can only escape her uncomfortable domestic position by launching a sweeping occupation of Europe. In order to do so, she must eliminate Viktor Orbán and make it abundantly clear that she is the sole master of Europe.

The situation has boiled down to Merkel or Orbán. Austrian chancellor Kurz and the above mentioned Bavarian Weber have already declared support for Merkel. In this sense, Macron miscalculated when he deemed Orbán to be the enemy. Should the plan of a federal Europe under German leadership be realized, France would have fought two World Wars for nothing and will submit voluntarily. Brexit and the German Russian alliance behind Nord Stream 2 have considerably reinforced Germany’s position. France can only look to Eastern Europe and the United States, who might also have other interests.

The current geostrategic push clearly favors Merkel’s ambitions. She is looking to form a grand coalition after the EU elections with the Socialists, Liberals, Communists and Greens, In other words, all those who would be partners in a Europe under German leadership. The common denominator of these forces is the need to annihilate all those in favor of national sovereignty and bring about an internationalist, federalist Europe.

Yesterday saw Merkel’s victory. But the Germans, of course, have always been good at winning battles. They got as far as Paris and Moscow. But somehow they still lost all their major wars.


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