Hundreds of thousands of refugees on welfare

The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) says the German economy is ready to create 650,000 new jobs this year, of which around 100,000 will be given to people who have come to the country as refugees. Deutsche Welle points out that the number of non-EU migrants receiving support is still disproportionately large.

editor: REMIX NEWS

According to IAB, there is no evidence that the influx of refugees has led to a decline in German wages. However, as reported by the Deutsche Welle news station, job statistics work only on nationality and do not take into consideration whether the employee is a refugee.

The political party Alternative fur Deutschland therefore wanted to know from the government how many refugees are taking German minimum social benefits, Hartz IV. The government has announced that this means approximately 1.6 million people out of a total of 5.9 million recipients. In the previous 12-month period, it was 1.36 million people.

In this context, it highlighted the criticism against the refugees and the negative attitude towards them. In 2017, there were five attacks on refugees per day on average.


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