Hungarian at the helm of the EU for a week

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This week the EU is led by Hungarian Tibor Navracsics and while he has no executive powers, Pesti Srácok columnist Gyula T. Máté has some suggestions on what pranks he should perform in his temporary elevated position.

In the revolving substitution system devised by President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker himself, Commissioner for Culture, Education Youth and Sports Tibor Navracsics stands in as the temporary head of the EU during summer vacations. A lawyer with a PhD in political sciences, Navracsics has been deputy prime minister and minister of justice and public administration of the second Orbán-cabinet from 2010 to 2014 and was appointed EU Commissioner in November 2014.

The Pesti Srácok columnist writes that while Navracsics, a level-headed conservative, is unlikely to turn heads during his one-week tenure, he should nevertheless use the time for some pranks to highlight the inadequacy of the current EU leadership.


The famous Manneken Pis statue of Brussels dressed in a Hungarian Huszár (cavalry) uniform

One such suggestion is that should air conditioning fail at the huge EU headquarters building – which it probably will, given the current heatwave – he should bring in migrants to do the repairs. While at it, he should also invite the workers’ families in and provide them lodging in the deserted offices. This could also have the added benefit that in a Muslim environment Juncker may temporarily give up his drinking habit.

The extremely costly practice of translating every single EU document into all official EU languages should also be suspended – Arabic will do just fine. This could all be achieved within a week. It would at least show that EU leaders are unwilling and unable to tackle the migration crisis – for which they are certainly going to be replaced after next year’s EU elections.

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