Calls for no more Czech soldiers in Afghanistan

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Major General of the Czech Army in reserve Hynek Blasko replied negatively to the question posed by about whether Czech soldiers should continue to participate in foreign missions.

The goal of every operation is to fight against terrorism in the area of its origin and prevent its spread. But the Western governments, except the countries of the Visegrad Group, has opened the doors for migrants and therefore he doesn´t see any sense of sending soldiers to countries like Afghanistan.

The Czech Republic and its Army has to make a decision, as did for example Poland, France or Canada. We are not able to skip centuries of progression and convince the tribal leaders that what works for us will work for them.

In opposition to Boček stands Jakub Janda, the director of the think-tank European values. He answered that there is a strategic reason for fighting alongside our allies against barbarism either in the form of Islamic extremism or Russian aggression in our region.

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