Goodbye, Mr. Poche

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Miroslav Poche (candidate for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who has long been refused by President Milos Zeman) gave an interview last week to the daily Právo.

According to sources, his interview demonstrated the reasons why he could not become foreign minister. For example his attitude towards solving the migration crisis, the adoption of the Euro or his view of Israel.

His views represent a minority of the interests of Czech society but what is more important they are different in all respects from what PM Andrej Babiš and President Miloš Zeman wants.

For example, Babis said that receiving refugees is equal to helping smugglers. Poche, on the other hand, talked about extensive assistance in countries that are the source of migration and also about ensuring a better life for people living there.

Another different attitude can be seen in the question of the common European currency. While the Government does not see any possibility of adopting the Euro at this time, Poche would like to start a debate that would lead either to a commitment to adopt the Euro or to a referendum.

In addition, Poche has problems with his views also within the Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD). He represents the views of the younger generation of the so-called left-wing progressives, who in the past influenced exPM Bohuslav Sobotka’s policy by orienting on the city liberals and euro optimist attitudes. However, this orientation eventually led to a bad result in the last elections, when the CSSD lost two-thirds of votes.

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