The hypocrisy of #MeToo

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Last week, a female politician committed suicide in the Netherlands. The 53-year-old councilor of the city of Haag, Willie Dille, was a politician of the PVV party founded by Geert Wilders. Before the suicide, she shot a video claiming she suffered from depression after a group of Muslim men had raped her in March 2017. No matter how unlikely it seems, the men were allegedly sent by her former party colleague Arnoud van Doorn who converted to Islam.

The media (with the exception of the Dutch media and several British tabloids) evidently ignored this case. Willie Dille is a woman who claims that Muslims raped her. We are examining in depth whether this is true, questioning her statement, and waiting for the conclusion. Let’s deliberately try to compare this behavior with how the victims of sexual abuse that led to the #MeToo global movement have been dealt with.

Actor Kevin Spacey is accused of sexual abuse, denied, fired, and investigated. We approach his victims with trust. But why is it not the same with Willie Dille? Why don’t we trust her? Is a statement of a Dutch politician less worthy than a statement of a Hollywood star?

Is her life less worthy because she was a member of the Geert Wilders’ party? Has our self-censorship and political correctness really reached such a point that we turned into hypocrites unable to describe the reality around us?

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