SPD in trouble

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Members who have been dismissed from the Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD) in recent months have made a motion to suspend the party’s activities or dissolve the party. They do not like the reasons why they were dismissed from SPD. They claim that undemocratic conditions prevail in the party.

The motion to suspend the party was filed by Kamil Papežík, former vice-chairman of the SPD branch in Brno, on Friday. “I was expelled because of causing a long-term damage to the SPD party. There is no single piece of evidence or witness to prove that I have done so, except the fact that I tried to criticize some opinions. People have been expelled for similar reasons purposefully and therefore I decided to file a motion to suspend the party,” he explained.

According to SPD spokeswoman Michaela Dolenská, Papežík was damaging the party, he did not act in accordance with its rule book, and damaged the results of the party’s political work. “His current activity fully confirms the legitimacy of his exclusion. Mr. Papežík now acts as a private person and the SPD leadership will no longer comment on it. If it goes beyond the legal framework, we will consult the issue with our advocate,” the spokeswoman said.

In addition to Brno, SPD members have also been arguing in Ostrava, Pardubice and other cities. The reasons are the same everywhere and people with different opinions than the leadership of individual branches are often expelled.

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