Institutional Racism harms Jews and white farmers

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Some people say Jewish emigration from France needs to be reviewed in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict. “So if the old Jew would admit to a beloved Muslim neighbor that Jerusalem is not really Israel’s capital city, and that Israel is actually an illegal state… He would not throw her out of the window?,” commentator Marek Stonis asked, reminding the reader of the recent case of an old Jewish citizen assaulted by a Muslim.

At the same time immigrants are considered by many to be those who should bring some fresh air to aging Europe and build a multicultural paradise here.

Similar is also the story of white farmers in South Africa. They are wealthy, they own a vast majority of farms, even though they have long been a racial minority in their country. A new constitution on expropriation of farms has recently been adopted. Nobody cares about the fact that the farmers have been working so hard for decades or that they have had agreements with former presidents.

No international boycotts, no sanctions, and no Bob Geldof organizing a concert to support white farmers or their survivors. There is a more important agenda in world institutions such as the #MeToo campaign or adoption of anti-Israeli resolutions. And who does not like it, of course, is at least a xenophobe and a racist.

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