We want stay in the EU but with no Euro or fiscal policy

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It has been touted that the Czech Republic should be part of the single market or Schengen but with no common currency or fiscal policy.

Meanwhile, terms like Eurosceptic or Pro-European have become obsolete. A eurosceptic is considered by everyone to be someone who criticizes or disagrees with some aspects of European integration.

The Czech Republic must avoid both of these extreme views. On one hand, there is an enthusiastic and naive acceptance of every new integration initiative, on the other hand a negative view that the EU will fail anyway and we should prefer to get out of it.

“We want to stay in the EU, we want to be part of the single market, Europe´s trade policy and also the Schengen Area. However, we do not want to belong to a “hard core” with a common currency, fiscal policy, tax harmonization, and a common asylum and migration policy,“ MEP Jan Zahradil said, presenting his vision of the Czech Republic in the EU. It does not mean an anti- or pro-european attitude, but a realistic view of the whole integration. The best option for the Czech republic is the golden middle way.

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